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Hepatitis C Movement for Awareness
Message Board for the latest information on
National Events.
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HCVets.com Forum
A Message Board for People with Past/Present
Military Backgrounds & Hepatitis C.

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Learn what to do-   Filing VA Claims and Info folder
Are you at risk?   Hep C Transmission Methods
Browse data-   Scientific Studies/ Research
Explore options-   Hep C Treatments & LifeStyles
Discover secrets-   Military Experiments Unleashed
The latest on-        Legislative Issues

Plus other folders of interest with Hep C related information.
Feel free to post questions to our moderators.

HCVets.com Message board and Website are provided by  Veterans of the United States Military with Hepatitis C (HCV). Our mission is to assist fellow Vets/ Active Military and Dependents with awareness to the Hep C virus exposure methods during military service. Hepatitis C is a "service connected disease". Learn how to file a claim to get your benefits.

 It is our mission offer advice, and support each other in our attempt to make Hepatitis C a Presumed Service Connected Disease

 Join Harry, Tricia, Dock & the gang, we're glad you're here!