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Sign the Hepatitis C Petitions to Capitol Hill

  • Hepatitis C Funding As American Citizens, that are Hepatitis-C Patients, including  Families and Friends, who do not have well known Celebrities championing our cause or lobbying Congress and the Private Sector for more funding for research and awareness; plead that our Government allocate more funding for this epidemic. The current legislation before congress proposes a mere fraction of what's needed to stop the spread of this virus.
  • Petition to the FDA by Health Research Group and Service Employees International Union requesting the removal of unsafe intravenous injection equipment from the market. (HRG Publication #1548)
  • Help Save Dr Cecil's Clinic VA clinics like Dr. Cecil's are held to strict guidelines and accountable if they overspend. In Dr. Cecil's case, politically  punished. The VA wants money for HCV veterans but does not want to spend the money to treat them. 
  • Presumed Service Connection For Military Veterans Veterans from every branch of service were exposed to the Hepatitis C virus by many methods of transmission specific to military service. The lack of universal precautions and jet gun injections are responsible for this epidemic.
  • The Petition in Support of the "VERPA Act" Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy, Inc. I, the Undersigned American Citizen hereby call upon my Representatives in the United States House and Senate to abolish the “Feres Doctrine” without further delay. I reasonably believe, the Feres Doctrine is a dangerous threat to the national security of the United States and the preservation of our Citizens human and constitutional rights serving in the United States Armed Forces for the following reasons;

  • Reform the Veterans Administration System! "The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional as to how they perceive the veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation." --George Washington
  • Stop Cuts To VA Hospitals PURPOSE: The purpose of this petition is to stop the removal or transfer of beds from VA hospitals in Canandaigua, NY and throughout our Nation.

Petition to Sony Pictures Entertainment

  • "Bewitched" has many Bewildered
    According to some points of view, a scene in the movie portrays a lecherous older male warlock coming on to younger witches at a party. His partner, a jealous older witch, is furious and in retaliation begins to make the young ladies say things that turned him off. Others remark, "it was the way the young witch choose to get rid of him,"  either way, the young blond haired witch blurts out, ”I have Hepatitis C!”  His reaction was disgust, as he gasped and turned away.

Letters to Capitol Hill

  • Hepatitis C Social Security  To summarize, we are asking that the Social Security Administration recognize that Hepatitis C is disability and to stop the practice of evaluating claims based on inaccurate and ancient beliefs. There was not even a test for Hepatitis C until 1992, so while the virus has been doing its damage for multiple decades, the Hepatitis C Epidemic is relatively new.
  • Hepatitis C Presumed Consent & Donation Benefits Although each organ donor can save eight lives with organs alone (two kidneys, two lungs, liver can be split, heart and pancreas or intestine) and over 2 million people die every year in the USA, there were only 6,455 cadaveric donors last year. In addition, one patient dies each ninety minutes while waiting. Of course, not all who died did so under circumstances that would allow them to be donors, but it still can be said that 6,455 is a tragically low number, especially when over 50,000 Americans with diabetes and other renal diseases need new kidneys to survive.


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